Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Stele of Revealing & Writing of Book of the Law

Do check out the other 11th House of Thoth groups on other networks. Sorry to have been gone so long, but we had computer issues for a few months. Now you won’t be able to get rid of us because Tegwedd now has a new computer, and Stephen has his laptop back. We also have cell phones that go on the Internet. Stephen’s is a go-phone, and Tegwedd has the regular arrangement, but we both got the same model phone. They’re even the same color, blue and black.

Basically this group is about the intersection between Uncle Al (Aleister Crowley) and the Khemetic tradition. Uncle Al an his bride Rose Kelly Crowley Spent the nights of April 8th-10th 1904 in the Great Pyramid receiving the Book of the Law, which Rose channeled through her husband’s Holy Guardian Angel Aiwass. We don’t know what drugs they may have taken, must’ve been good stuff, wonder if we could get some, because of all the channeling that Rose did. Uncle Al loved Rose deeply. She was a sincere priestess and occultist. But he didn’t love her as much as loved that damned mountain that he just had to climb. If he hadn’t deserted her and their newborn daughter in Rangoon, she wouldn’t have slipped into her cups, and would have seen to it that the bottles for the baby’s milk were boiled, or would have breastfed the baby (which is actually best) so she wouldn’t have gotten typhus and died. When you love someone, you don’t leave her and your newborn daughter in Rangoon. You stay with them. Thelemite men, ever after that, have a tendency to mistreat their women.

But back to Khem. Khem means “black” It gave its name to alchemy and its offshoot chemistry. Egypt is the Greek name for it, a corruption of the Khemish Hout-ak-Ptah, which means the temple for the ka or soul of Ptah. The Greeks under Alexander and Ptolemy had trouble pronouncing Hout-ak-Ptah. What’s so tough about it? Tegwedd just did it. They must’ve been monumentally stupid. The black land came from the black fertile silt that came over the banks of the Nile each year during the annual flood. Now with the Aswan Dam, that doesn’t happen anymore.

The Stele of Ankh-ef-en-Khonsu is a painted wooden offering stele discovered in 1854 at the mortuary temple of Hatshepsut at Dayr Bahir by Francis August Marinett, which was originally made for the Khonsu priest Ankh-ef-en-Khonsu . It was discovered near his coffin ensemble of 2 sarcophagi and anthropomorphic inner coffins. It dates to cerca 680/70 BCE either late 25th dynasty or early 26th dynasty. Originally located in the Boulaq Museum, under inventory number #666, it was moved around 1902 to the newly opened Egyptian museum of Cairo . On the front, the stele shows Ankh-en-ef-Khonsu offering his god Re Harakhty Ra of the 2 horizons or Ra-Hoor-Khuit. The text on both the front and back shows a number of quotes from the Book of Coming Forth by Day, aka the Egyptian Book of the Dead. He also begs his gods not to stand against him when he stands in the Hall of Judgment. The way that Uncle Al paraphrases this is quoted in the Book of the Law (Liber Legis). “This combination of magic[sic] and theology is technically called ‘theurgy’ from the Greek theos and ergon work.” All quotes and information are from the Wikipedia, although we derived some material from the Thelemapedia.

Who is your favorite Khemetic deity? Tegwedd is torn between Sekhmet the lion Goddess and Seshat the Goddess of and inventor of writing. Tegwedd named her computer after Seshat. Seshat is shown wearing a leopard skin dress. This may explain why Tegwedd is so fond of leopard print. She has a leopard print comforter, wants to get leopard print sheets, and has a leopard print case for her many crochet hooks. She wanted a leopard print upholstered sofa, but Doc put his foot down. She still wants one, though, and if she ever got a lot of money, she would get a couple, since the living room needs two couches.

Stephen just picked his wallpaper for his cell phone. It’s the Stele of Revealing, #666 in the Bulaq Museum. He got it from Widipedia,and is very excited about it. According to the unpublished Society of Hidden Masters, Lady Frieda Harris became Uncle Al’s disciple on May 11th, 1938. She started at the 4th degree because she already had a previous initiation into Co-Masonry. Crowley also began to teach her divination. She had he choice of systems, and opted for the Y Ching . “Y Hing was your choice which I approved because it has the kind of discipline that will inform your painting. If you are to make a new mark in art, you need a new mind, enlightened from the supernal triangle.” From a letter from Uncle Al to Lady Frieda.

By his own admission, Uncle Al had intended his Tarot deck to be traditional, but Lady Frieda encouraged him to use his occult, spiritual, magickal and scientific knowledge in the project. Harris sent him a regular stipend to help with the project. She also used her society contacts to procure financial backing for the paintings, catalogue, and publication of the Tarot deck. The pressure may have taken its toll on both Harris and Crowley. It was to languish in someone’s basement until ‘69 or ‘70 when it was acquired by Carl Llewellyn Weschke, who published it at Llewellyn Publications, for which Stephen once worked.

We’re still searching for a house mate. Now if you are willing, able, and ready to to do some hard physical labor like Stephen is doing to get the house and yard in shape, $100 will be taken off your rent until the work is completed, then the rent will go back up to $400. So you will be paying only $300 until the work is completed. .

Our friend Caitlin ni Manannan has people bringing her wood from when they prune their trees in their yards. And we are shortly going to be making rune Rune and Ogham sets. So if you’re local, bring us your branches. They should be at least the thickness of your thumb.

All you hard-workin Pagans should stand solidly with labor and against the Tea Party. As James Hoffa Jr. said, “Recall those sons of bitches! Go to your ballot boxes and vote them out.” The 75,000 Verizon workers are on strike, and we stand with them. Solidarnosc! as the Poles would say. Verizon management, all Republicans, have made 100 unreasonable demands, and refuse to negotiate, but are paying scabs to cross the picket lines, and work for them. All the workers want, is to keep what they have, a small cost of living increase in wages, their health care, and their pensions. Management wants them to pay $100 per month for health care, while they get it free. If you were thinking of getting a Verizon phone and account, don’t, and do tell them why you aren’t, that you are boycotting them. If you have a Verizon account, close it, and go to another carrier, and tell Verizon why. If you want to piss off Stephen, abuse or oppress the workers. Tell Verizon that you refuse to do business with an employer who oppresses its workers.

Soon we may be selling pendants of the lady and the tiger worked in silver. If you reading this are a silversmith please call our toll free number 1-888-611-7982, and we’ll do business. Coming soon--prints of the Lady and the Tiger by Lizet. Rune and Ogham sets worked by Stephen. Tegwedd has started to crochet cellphone holsters of her own design. They are of acrylic yarn, in assorted colors. She is obsessed right now with making holsters for the Pagan Pride Harvest Festival, but she will make you one to order for a reasonable price. She has some right now in assorted colors for just $9.95+S&H. She is working with yarn she has on hand, so a custom one will cost more because she has to obtain the yarn to make yours. It will cost $14.95 + S&H The smallest container for US priority mail is $4.95.

We are offering a new service. For just $19.95, you can have spell-coaching. We will take you through the construction and performance of a spell. It’s very simple. If you want to perform a spell but you don’t think you know what you’re doing, hire us to coach you through it. The fee is payable to our PayPal accounts, to either or .
We will coach you using strong ethics. Tegwedd has a couplet she will teach you which you can add to your spell that will ensure that it is ethical. Abbott’s Inn International School of Magick is over 40 years old, having been founded in 1970 in Berkeley, CA. It went cybernetic almost 9 years ago. Lizet has been helping us put the school on a more commercial footing, and with her inspiration, Tegwedd has started packaging the classes into manageable packets. Ms. Freeman did a 3rd website for us almost a month ago at From there, by clicking on two of the graphics, you can go to either of the other two sites: and . You can also get to our network . With her help, we also salvaged some things from his old website, including the mission statement: The Abbott’s Inn International School of Magick aims to provide a gentle nurturing environment that promotes education in both the atmosphere and the specific tools of magick. Our research arm is called the Magickal Research Institute or MRI, not to be confused with the medical MRI, or Magnetic Resonance Image, which Tegwedd had on her right ankle about 10 months ago. Stephen and Lizet came up with the name almost 9 years ago. The three of us have become a very effective working team. Stephen has his cell phone, and we are both enjoying learning how to use our cell phones. His cell phone number is 916-467-6393. He’ll have access to the Internet on that phone. He says “I’m not very good at texting because of my glaucoma, so please be gentle with me.” Don’t forget to call 888-611-7982 for all your divination, learning class, and research needs.

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